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Infinite possibilities with one short link.

In the right hands, a short link may do wonders for your advertising efforts. It acts as more than simply a conduit between your company and the end user. With just a brief connection, you can learn a lot about your consumers’ habits.

Clever Targeting

You may expand your reach and send clients to a more relevant page if you focus on them specifically. Include a retargeting pixel in your social media advertising strategy to get them back to your site.

Advanced Analytics

Expand your network across your online community and leverage data insights to optimize your advertising approach. Appeal to a particular audience that corresponds to your requirements.

Online Experience

Increase conversion and avoid annoying your consumers by using one of the many effective solutions at your disposal.

Excellent for advertising and sales

By learning about your audience, you can boost your sales. With our technology, you can monitor everything. The information is available for you to examine, whether it be the total number of clicks, the location, or the referring site.

  • Tools for Redirection
  • Strong Statistics
  • Gorgeous profiles
Perfect for sales & marketing
Effective and powerful tools

By focusing on certain consumers, you may learn more about their habits and intelligently tailor your product to them. We give you a wide array of effective resources for doing so.

  • Managing Links
  • Control of privacy
  • Effective Dashboard
Powerful tools that work
Powerful tools that work
QR Codes

Use dynamic, flexible, and easy-to-use QR codes in your marketing campaigns. Utilize data analysis to enhance your marketing strategy and increase engagement.

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Improve your marketing approach.

Your conversion rate will go up if you understand your users and clients. With our system, you can keep tabs on everything. The information is available for you to study, whether it concerns the number of clicks, the location, or the referrer.

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Extra features beyond what was requested

Unique and Customized Landing Page

Involve the user in your marketing strategy by creating a unique landing page to prominently showcase your goods or services.

CTA Overlays

Utilize our overlay technology to provide discrete alerts, surveys, or even contact on the target page. Wonderful for promotions.

Event Monitoring

Track events as they happen by adding your own custom pixel from service providers like Facebook.

Group Leadership

To handle links, bundles, pages, and other features, invite your team members and give them a set of permissions.

Personalized Domains

You may shorten links using the URL shortener with custom domain name, gaining control over your reputation and the confidence of your audience.

Solid API

Utilize our robust API to create customized apps, or use our robust tools to enhance your current application.


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