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Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

This document outlines the Terms and Conditions (T&C) governing your participation in the Affiliate Program (the “Program”) operated by Link Hero (referred to as “we”, “us”, or “our”). Participation in the Program is subject to these T&Cs, along with our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Privacy Policy, all of which are incorporated by reference. Engaging in our Program constitutes your acceptance of and agreement to abide by these terms.

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 19 January 2024.

Participation Procedures

To partake in the Program, affiliates will need to register through the PayPro Global website. In instances where an account is absent, it is imperative to establish one and then communicate with us expressing your intention to join the Program. Existing account holders are also required to initiate contact preceding any affiliate referrals, safeguarding against potential referral disapproval and ensuring eligibility for payout. Following your affiliate profile’s creation, access to the Affiliate Panel becomes available through your personal profile, providing a centralized location for program interaction and management.

Affiliate Responsibilities

As a Link Hero affiliate, you are entrusted with significant responsibilities. The provision of accurate, comprehensive account information is paramount, with details including contact information, promotional websites, promotional methodologies, payment particulars, and any additional data we might necessitate. We retain the right to solicit extra data pertaining to your promotional sites and strategies. Failure to supply precise information may culminate in your removal from the Program, potential account suspension or termination, and forfeiture of accumulated commissions.

Ethical conduct is expected, with affiliates required to act in good faith while referring customers. Referred clients must be in good standing, signifying their provision of valid contact details, low fraud risk, active account status in line with our terms, and engagement with our platform. Unethical promotional practices or attempts to refer non-compliant customers will not be tolerated.

Affiliates are prohibited from undertaking actions or offering recommendations that might precipitate revenue losses for Link Hero. Engaging with incentivized programs, employing questionable marketing strategies, or utilizing copyrighted materials without requisite permissions are strictly forbidden. Furthermore, alterations to our promotional materials, including content and trademarks, are not permitted without our express consent.

FTC Compliance and Affiliate Disclosure

Compliance Requirement

Link Hero is committed to fairness and legality in all dealings with customers and affiliates alike. With this in mind, affiliates participating in our program are expected to align with all relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Endorsement Guides included. These guides are imperative, making it mandatory for material connections between advertisers and endorsers to be revealed transparently.

Transparent Endorsements

Endorsements should be clear public recommendations of Link Hero’s products, distinctly excluding standard banner advertisements. The imperative here is that endorsements must always be truthful and forthright. Fabricating experiences or making false claims about Link Hero products is strictly unacceptable. Moreover, the compensation affiliates receive for endorsements must be disclosed to readers, and placed in close proximity to the affiliate link for clarity and transparency.

Disclosure Practices

In the realm of article disclosures, clear and concise statements about the nature of affiliate links and the relationship between the affiliate and Link Hero must be placed on the same page where these links appear. Disclosures must not require additional actions from the users to be read and understood, and should always be placed either before or in close proximity to the affiliate link itself. For instance, a disclosure might read: “Disclosure: I earn an affiliate commission if you purchase the item through this link”.

On social media platforms, disclosures must be an integral part of the posts that contain affiliate links. Here, transparency and clarity are again non-negotiable. An example for social media disclosure might look like an enthusiastic endorsement followed by an “#ad”.

Truthful Endorsements

Affiliates are required to base their endorsements on real, personal experiences with Link Hero products, abstaining from making misleading statements or creating false impressions to entice purchases. Each endorsement should be a mirror reflecting the affiliate’s honest experience and viewpoint regarding the products.

Legal Consultation

Affiliates are encouraged to actively seek legal counsel to obtain a comprehensive understanding of how the FTC rules apply to their unique websites and promotional activities. By electing to participate in Link Hero’s Affiliate Program, affiliates implicitly agree to abide by all FTC guidelines and diligently review the FTC’s guides regarding effective disclosures in digital advertising.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

Link Hero adopts a stern stance against non-compliance with FTC guidelines and inappropriate disclosures. Affiliates in violation of these rules risk account termination, commission reversals, and the permanent erasure of their tracking history. Once an account is terminated, it cannot be reinstated, leading to the irrevocable loss of all future sales connected to the traffic and customers previously directed toward us.

Ensuring Compliance

Maintaining compliance with these guidelines is not a one-time task, but a continuous responsibility for all affiliates. Affiliates need to review the FTC guidelines routinely, ensuring that they not only understand but also fulfill their responsibilities diligently. Non-compliance will lead to account termination and loss of commissions. For an in-depth understanding, and to navigate through compliance seamlessly, affiliates are advised to consult the FTC’s Endorsement Guides and seek legal counsel as deemed necessary.

Advertising Practices

Affiliates must adhere to our advertising standards, utilizing only the promotional materials approved by us. These materials may encompass trade names, service marks, logos, and slogans of Link Hero, all of which are intended solely for the promotion of our services. A limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license is granted for the use of these materials, contingent on compliance with our advertising standards.

It is crucial to engage in appropriate advertising practices. Prohibited methods include spamming, unauthorized link placements in forums or message boards, illegal practices, non-unique content use, traffic generation through pay-to-click or similar platforms, unauthorized incentives, and any negative use of our materials and images. We reserve the right to deem any advertising method inappropriate at our discretion, with potential consequences including warnings, account suspensions, terminations, and forfeiture of commissions.

Affiliate Tracking

Sales referred by affiliates are automatically tracked via cookies. These tracking cookies, integral to the attribution of sales to affiliates, are placed in the browsers of users clicking on affiliate links and have a 30-day validity period. Each new cookie overwrites any existing affiliate cookie in a user’s browser. Link Hero disclaims responsibility for intentional cookie deletions by users or any tracking discrepancies that may arise.

Commissions and Payments

Affiliates are compensated through a 30% commission rate for each valid sale referred to Link Hero. This commission will be recurring for the lifetime of the customer’s subscription. Every time a referred customer renews or makes a payment, the affiliate earns their commission.

Each referral is considered successful once a new user signs up and makes a purchase on the Link Hero platform. Unlike one-time payments, affiliates will continue to earn commissions for each payment made by these referred users, for as long as their subscriptions remain active. This provides a consistent and ongoing revenue stream for affiliates.

Regarding the payment schedule, payouts will be made on the 15th of every month. This includes both initial and ongoing commissions from recurring subscriptions. Affiliates can receive their payments through Payoneer pre-paid card, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, ACH (North America), and PayPal, once their earnings reach the $400 approved commission threshold.

Governing Law and Changes to Terms

These Affiliate Program T&Cs are governed by the laws of Slovakia. We reserve the right to alter these T&Cs at any moment, with immediate effect upon posting them on our website. Changes may be enacted without prior notice, and continued participation in the Program post-change signifies your acceptance of the revised terms. For clarity and transparency, we advise reviewing these T&Cs periodically to stay informed of any modifications.