Custom Short Links Get Clicks: Choose the Best Link Shortener for Your Online Brand

Andrej Published on April 24, 2024

Every link that points back to part of your online presence gives hungry consumers the opportunity to learn about your brand, make informed decisions, and ultimately support it. Embedded links with anchor text make it easy, but any time you have to share an actual URL, you need to pay attention to its length and specificity. Long links clutter up your content and make everything from basic ads to social media posts look unprofessional and messy. Link shorteners solve this problem but can often introduce new ones. Lots of people do not want to click on unfamiliar URLs, and some are hesitant to use shortened links too. Even though you know short links are better, how can you overcome these issues? The LinkHero custom domain link shortener comes to the rescue.

What does it mean to use a link shortener with a custom domain?

While we offer three different short domains users can choose from, our custom domain service is incredibly popular. Website owners and marketers know the importance of making branded touchpoints a huge part of the overall business strategy. A link shortener with a custom domain uses your website address to create the short link. Everyone who views it sees your brand name, not just some random string of letters and numbers. What does this actually mean for your marketing efforts?

Boost Click-Through Rates

People will always click on recognizable website addresses faster and more frequently than they will on those that look odd or suspicious. Unfortunately, scammers use generic link shorteners in an attempt to hide their crimes. While this type of link shorteners can work well in some instances, a custom domain exudes trustworthiness. The more attractive and reliable your link looks, the more people will click. It is as simple as that.

Streamline Your Data Tracking and Analysis

Link shorteners often include click tracking and some data analysis options in their features list. When you choose a custom domain link, other possibilities open up. All website owners and online marketers with their eye on success use third-party data collection and analysis platforms like Google Analytics or others. Using streamlined links specific to your registered URL lets you measure more than click through rates. The geographical insights, demographic information, and results from ad split testing can help you streamline your entire marketing strategy and get better results in the future.

Empower Brand Recognition and Reputation

Online marketing touch points do not always include a link that the consumer can click on. However, when they do, you want that link to do more than send them to a unique landing page. The link itself helps people recognize and remember your brand if it has a custom domain. How do you create a household name? The full answer to this question could fill entire libraries. The foundation is simple. It all comes down to getting your brand name in front of people as often as possible in the most positive way. Putting your branded URL in every single link simply makes sense. It all comes down to controlling how you create links, their use and management, tracking, and how your target audience members see your brand. It is a lot to put on the shoulders of a simple link shortener. This is why the decision about which one to use depends on more than just cost or convenience. Those things are important, of course, but the included features, integrations, and options matter more when it comes to results.

How do you choose the best link shortener for your business?

To tell the truth, a basic link shortener has a very simple job that many different service providers offer. When it comes to fueling your long-term business success, however, it takes more than a site that transforms links to help you reach your goals.

Custom Domain Features

If you do not understand the benefits of custom domain short lengths by now, read the beginning of this article again. This is a must-have option for any link shortener you choose. You chose your brand name for a reason and the URL that goes with it. Custom domain links help you boost your brand with every click.

Short Link Security

Not only does the build-insecurity of HTTPS encryption provide safety for everyone who clicks your link, it is also required by some Internet browsers. Do not give your target audience more reasons to avoid following your link to information, products, or services you want them to buy.

Integration and Analytics

The best link shorteners integrate with a huge array of popular online platforms and analytics services. Choose one that offers seamless use with popular content management systems like WordPress, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, and tractors like Google Analytics and more. Custom options grow with your business and offer the type of scalability you need to reach your goals.


Running any type of business successfully takes money, and quality products and services come with a cost. However, more expensive does not always equal better. Free link shorteners exist, but they do not offer custom domain options or the type of features, integration, and customer service you can find at LinkHero. Our beginner tier, which offers up to 1000 short links and a long list of other benefits, starts at $12. Our premium packages provide even more exceptional features for your business success. Custom domain link shorteners get you more clicks, boost brand recognition and reputation, streamline your marketing strategies, and make data collection, tracking, and analysis of breeze. There are a ton of important questions to ask when choosing a service for creating accessible links. LinkHero steps up and answers all of them with ease. Our link shortening with custom domain options provides the solution you need to perfect your online presence

If you are convinced enough to try out, go ahead and sign up. Also, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or suggestions.

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